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The Bradley Prizes formally recognize individuals of extraordinary talent and dedication who have made contributions of excellence in areas consistent with The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation’s ....
Prize: 250,000 USD
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The World Salsa Championships is a dream come true. Dancers from all nations have united in Las Vegas in 2005 & 2006 to engage in a noble competition. 2007 Event was celebrated at the Disney Coron...
Prize: USD
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The Digital Media and Learning Competition, now in its second year, is an annual effort designed to find--and to inspire--the most novel uses of new media in support of learning. In April 2009, the Co...
Prize: 2,000,000 USD
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Inaugurated in 2001 by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), the intent of the Gordon Prize is to recognize new modalities and experiments in education that develop effective engineering leaders....
Prize: 500,000 USD
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1st Annual Regional Amateur Salsa Dance Championship of the central coast, CA...
Prize: 1,000 USD
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Van Cliburn International Piano Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities. First-prize winners of previous Van Cliburn Competitions are not eligible to compete. Applicants must have been bo...
Prize: 1,000,000 USD
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The Collaboration Prize is designed to inspire cooperation among nonprofit organizations. Recognizing the efficiencies gained from working together, the Prize shines a spotlight on collaborations amon...
Prize: 250,000 USD
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Buckminster Fuller's prolific life of exploration, discovery, invention
and teaching was driven by his intention “to make the world
work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through
Prize: 100,000 USD
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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, hosted by Cat Deeley, keeps viewers moving to a different beat as dancers skilled in everything from the 'street' styles of Hip-Hop, Krumping and Popping to Ballroom's Sals...
Prize: USD
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The Freedom Prizes will address the challenge of oil dependence using American ingenuity and the spirit of competition. ...
Prize: 500,000 USD
Popular Prizes
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Now in its tenth year, this contest seeks today's best poems on the theme of war. We will award $5,000 in prizes....
Prize: 2,000 USD
05/31/2011 04:00  
Since 1995, the USA Songwriting Competition®, the world's leading international songwriting event, has been honoring songwriters, composers, bands, and recording artists everywhere. This is open to al...
Prize: 50,000 USD
06/30/2010 04:00  
Create a cover for any size UniKeep View Case Binder™ - students, professionals or hobbyists - any art you are willing to share. ...
Prize: 1,500 USD
12/31/2009 16:59  
The State-Fish Art Contest is part of a onservation education program designed to spark the imaginations of students while providing valuable lessons about fish and the importance of conserving Texas'...
Prize: Awards
03/31/2011 04:00  
Welcome to the eighth annual Tom Howard/John H. Reid Poetry Contest sponsored by Tom Howard Books. First prize is $3,000. A total of $5,550 in prizes will be awarded. Submit poems in any style, theme ...
Prize: 3,000 USD
09/30/2012 04:00  
For 20 years, Gap Adventures has been changing lives all over the world. The way we see it, people are the key to change and change is the key to innovation. With this in mind, we invite you to join u...
Prize: Up to $40,000 USD
03/31/2010 04:00  
The annual $1 million Gotham Prize for Cancer Research (Gotham Prize) has been established to encourage new and innovative approaches to cancer research by fostering collaboration among top thinkers i...
Prize: 1,000,000 USD
The foremost goal of the West Collection is to meet young artists who are creating challenging and inventive work and to present an experience of this new art to the public. Since the mid-90’s, the W...
Prize: 10,000 USD
11/01/2010 04:00  
The Volvo Adventure - in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme - is an educational programme that rewards environmental activities and the decision-makers of the future. To enter, ...
Prize: 10,000 USD
01/31/2011 05:00  
From May 23 to June 3, 2011, piano will be the focus of the Montreal International Musical Competition (MIMC).
Presented in partnership with Jeunesses Musicales of Canada, this high-calibre competiti...
Prize: 30,000 Awards
01/07/2011 05:00  
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